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Suntech provides the most innovative and cost effective ground anchoring solutions. We have been trusted by state and local agencies, commercial institutions and private organizations for our specialized ground anchoring services. Our team of skilled professionals has successfully completed numerous projects.
Ground anchors provide an efficient way of mobilizing dead loads deep into the ground to stabilize slopes and excavations. Anchoring allows the structures of the construction to resist forces that would have otherwise required gravity foundations. Anchoring resists forces induced by wind and water pressure.

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Ground Anchors

Ground anchors being restraining devices are used in enormous types of structures like dams, retaining walls,bridge abutments and foundations. For preventing the structural movement, the ground anchors are stressed and they transfer their load over a particular length.

Pile Anchors

Pile anchors being slender can be installed vertically. They possess the capability to transfer both tensile and compressive forces to the ground. This makes them ideal for being the vertical anchors appropriate for tunnels and basements.



Rock Anchors

Rock anchors are mostly used as part of the retaining walls and as part of the system for resisting the movement of the foundation. Rock anchors are of varied sizes and weight capacities depending on the structures-small, foundation of a house, etc. or large, bridges, etc.

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  • Ground anchors
  • Pile Anchors
  • Rock anchors

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