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Trenchless Pipe Laying

Suntech has the expertise in providing tailored and sustainable trench less pipe laying solutions. This technique uses the equipment and the materials for installing new or replacing or rehabilitating the infrastructure of the existing underground without disrupting the surface’s business, traffic and other activities. Being a subsurface construction work, the continuous trenches are not required to be dug. Microtunneling is an alternative technique to the traditional methodology of laying in the trenches.

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Why Trenchless?

Look at the traffic moving normally.

Unseen Traffic of the City junction

Aren’t something else using the same city junction? Certainly. Water, Gas, Electricity, Telecommunications, etc. are also using this city junction



Dig up

Now look at the same city junction being dug up. Can you see the roads being blocked , thousands of liters of fuel being wasted, air being polluted, buildings being damaged and people being suffered?

Why dig? When “no-dig” exists.

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Micro Tunneling

Micro tunneling is the process that installs the product pipelines underground in a single pass. For this, the pipe jacking technique along with the remotely controlled boring machine is used.


  • Cleaner Process
  • Safer process
  • Efficient process
  • Promotes cleaner environment


Use trenchless technology for the benefit of the public

Why Suntech?

  • Budget Friendly
  • State of Art Equipment
  • Vast Experience
  • Extensive Knowledge
  • Stable

Trenchless Pipe Laying Specialists

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